Time is right for a change


ARISTEO Fernando is a man with a vision.

The Rosemeadow resident has a mountain of ideas which he believes would help achieve world peace.  One world government, one global economy, one international currency and no land ownership are all part of his vision for a single, harmonious world. 

The first step towards this is the implementation of a new perpetual calendar which he developed while driving down the Appin Rd towards his work in Wollongong.

The calendar has 31 days in January, April, July and October and 30 days in all other months except December, which has an additional World Peace Day.  During leap years, June 31 would be named Leap Year Day.

Mr Fernando said there were a number of reasons the present Gregorian calendar needed to be changed.

“The day of the week of a date shifts from year to year, so days like Melbourne Cup Day or Christmas wander through a week,” he said.

“A calendar is needed every year to look up dates and the number of days per month varies from 28 to 31.

“In addition, in my calendar there are no Friday the 13ths.”

Mr Fernando said his calendar could be memorised and would be valid every year because it had a uniform day-date relationship year after year.

“It is almost the same as the Gregorian calendar, with slight modification so that the changeover will not be drastic,” he said.

“Only three days in the present calendar are deleted – March 31, May 31 and August 31.”

Mr Fernando hopes Australia will be the first country to adopt the perpetual calendar because the idea was born here.  He is aiming for the calendar to be proclaimed as part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games celebrations and for it to be adopted worldwide on January 1, 2001. 

“January 1, 2001 is a very significant date to implement its adoption because it is the start of the 21st century and the third millennium,” he said.

“It is also the centennial celebration of the federation of Australia.

“I originally chose that date because it is a Monday in the present calendar, so the changeover will be smooth to avoid confusion.”

Mr Fernando has set himself a punishing time schedule to promote his calendar.  He is presently talking with the Federal Government about passing legislation to adopt his calendar from 2001.

A provision would be contained in the legislation to adopt the calendar only in concert with other countries in the world.  Also on the agenda this year is publicising his calendar through the media and lobbying the Sydney Olympics Organising Committee to include the proclamation of the calendar in the closing ceremony. 

Mr Fernando plans to continue lobbying parliament until the legislation is passed because he hopes to present his calendar to Pope John Paul II when he visits Australia in June next year.

Other plans for 1995 include lobbying the UK Government and the US Congress to adopt the calendar and presenting it to the United Nations.

He said the only sector which would not like his calendar were printers of diaries and calendars.

“I believe it is through the calendar that the world will know me,” he said.

“This is how I will promote my other ideas.”


Text Box: Published in the Macarthur Chronicle, Macarthur Life Section, April 26, 1994, page 27.





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