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THE idea is so simple, so sensible that it will probably never get off the ground.

            Still … Aristeo C. Fernando, of Cordelia St, Rosemeadow, NSW, 2560, has taken the trouble to write – and the least I can do is run his flag up the pole.  Essentially, Aristeo would like Australia to adopt a perpetual calendar he has devised to keep week days and dates constant each year.

            An occasional eight-day week surfaces, but in essence Aristeo’s calendar follows the Gregorian system of 12 months divided into four quarters.

            I don’t think Aristeo will find much support among publishers of annual diaries and calendars (though Greens will applaud the saving of trees).  Others may worry about the chaos which would ensue internationally if Australia adopted a calendar which matched no other.

            If Aristeo wants to change the world for the better, I wish him luck.



Text Box: Published in the Courier-Mail on 30 September 1993.




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