Aristeo proposes a perpetual calendar


WHILE most of us were out buying our 1993 calendars and diaries, Aristeo Fernando from Project Planning was updating a new environmentally friendly calendar which he hopes will eventually save us the trouble.

His perpetual calendar is based on keeping week days and dates constant each year, starting with January 1 which would always be a Monday.

            This will make activities and special occasions easier to schedule and remember.

            “Basically, this proposed calendar is similar to the presently used Gregorian calendar,” Aristeo said.

            “There are 12 months in the year, the year is divided into four quarters, and each quarter is based on months of 31-30-30 days.”

            The major difference would be that in order to keep 365 days in a common year and 366 in a leap year extra dates are added which are not assigned week days.

            In a common year this occurs on 31 December and an eight day week becomes a reality.  To preserve balance, in a leap year the same occurs on 31 June.

            A keen advocate of world peace, Aristeo would like to see 31 December designated as World Peace Day; while to avoid confusion 31 June would be known as Leap Year Day.

            Aristeo sees the primary advantages of his calendar as environmental.  No longer will unsold diaries have to be discarded at the end of each year and calendars would not have to be printed every year.

            “This will mean saving many trees that would have to be cut down to produce paper to print the calendars; paper which at present cannot be recycled,” Aristeo explained.

            “One calendar could be used year after year or forever.”                      

            Ideally Aristeo would like his calendar to be adopted world wide by 1 January, 2001.

            Not only is this day the beginning of a new century and millennium, but it also falls on a Monday and will hence avoid confusion.

            Meanwhile, Aristeo will send his calendar to the Prime Minister, Paul Keating, in the hope that a Bill will be passed through Parliament to legislate for its implementation in Australia as soon as possible.


BELOW:  Aristeo’s perpetual calendar.


                                    (the calendar)



Text Box: Published in Kembla News, January/February 1993, page 3.





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