Transcription of the TV news on the Perpetual Calendar


Newscaster (Brian Henderson):Itís over 400 years since a reforming pope made the last major change to our calendar.That gave us our leaps years.Now a Sydney man has a plan to tidy things up by getting rid of them.


Reporter (John Collis):Aristeo Fernando doesnít want to change the world, just one disorder detail weíve lived with for the last 400 years.But since seven wonít go neatly into 365, the days of the week have a drifting relationship with the days of the month.The Fernando Calendar would fix forevermore.


Aristeo:††††††††† It just flashed into my mind.Thatís it!Thatís the formula!


Reporter:††††††† By assigning the year 364 days and starting it on a Monday, every weekday is perpetually harnessed to its month-date.Birthdays and special dates always fall on the same day.Melbourne Cup Day is November 6th every year.ANZAC Day, forever a Thursday.And Friday will never fall on a 13th.In other words, every calendar comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Woman interviewed:†† Whatís the catch?


Reporter:††††††††† Well, March, May and August lose their 31st days.You may have to choose another birthday.


Aristeo:††††††††††† Itís a small price to pay.


Reporter:††††††††† Also, to cater for planetary rotation, every year has one day that is not part of any week, two every leap year.Confused?Just think of global order, ease of scheduling, no more wasted diaries, rescued rainforests.


Woman interviewed:†† Really, itís a good idea!


Reporter:††††††††† Do you think we should go for it?


Woman interviewed:†††† Yes!I do.


Reporter:††††††††† Well, yes, still there are those among us who would miss the little joy that comes with the ever-changing months.John Collis, National Nine News.


Text Box: Presented on the 6 pm National Nine News, Channel 9, 2 December 1992




Correction:†††††† 1.The Sydney man does not have a plan to get rid of leap years.


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