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AN AMBITIOUS Fairfield man had invented a new calendar which he hopes will be used throughout the world by the year 2001.


Aristeo Fernando, 45, developed the Perpetual Calendar because he felt week days and dates should be constant each year.


“Basically, the proposed perpetual calendar is much similar to the presently used Gregorian calendar,: he said.


“It has 12 months in the year, the year is divided into four quarters and each quarter has 31-30-30 days for each month of the quarter.


“Most importantly, the names of days and dates are the same year after year.


“January 1 will always be a Monday and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays will always fall on the same day of the week. Activities regularly held every year will become easier and more convenient to schedule and remember.”


Mr Fernando plans to send his proposal to Prime Minister Paul Keating later this year.


“My hope is that a Bill will be passed through Parliament and Australia will be the first country in the world to implement the calendar,” Mr Fernando said.



Text Box: Published in Fairfield Advance, November 3, 1992, page 1.




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