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Revelations of the Holy Spirit

A spirit, a holy spirit, the Holy Spirit if you will believe it, revealed truths about God, prophecies, things that Jesus said and did and their true meaning, correct interpretation of biblical passages, etc. Read His sermons, prayers and messages. Among His numerous revelations are about the divinity of Jesus, Trinity, reincarnation, soul and salvation, heaven, hell, body, spirit, soul, adoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, crucifixion, etc.


Recent prophecies of the Holy Spirit

List of 19 incredibly accurate prophecies the Holy Spirit revealed in 1979, and their fulfillment. The incurable disease He named GOTACURAL is AIDS.


Teachings of the Holy Spirit in original Filipino language

These are the prayers, poems, proverbs, sermons, prophecies and doctrines that the Holy Spirit taught. These were transcribed directly from audio tapes of the sessions in the original Filipino language.


Postings in religious newsgroups

This is a compilation of some of the postings I posted in various newsgroups and discussion fora that I participated in on the Internet.


Birth of Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit revealed that Jesus was born on May 23. In my study from 2004 to 2006 on His birth, I found the revelation true and correct. The year was 33 BC.


Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit revealed that Jesus was crucified and died on August 17. In my study from 1999 to 2003 on His crucifixion, I found the revelation true and correct based on biblical accounts, moon phase calculator, Jewish calendar and traditions. The year was 1 BC. Other notable findings were discovered as offshoots of this revelation, such as crucifixion happened after Passover, what high day really means, speaking in tongue happened during the Festival of Tabernacles, Sunday Sabbath has been observed by His followers even while He was entombed, etc.


888 - Number of Jesus

The number of Jesus is scientifically-proven, and manifested in a post office box in Sydney, Australia. Read about the intriguing "coincidences" in my life that led to this discovery. Recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate this amazing work of the hands of God.


Proposals for world peace and order - Vision for the world

For people to live in peace and harmony throughout the world, I propose practical and sensible ideas which at present are already being implemented, or have been attempted, in national or regional levels. I would like to see them implemented on a global scale. Among these ideas are one world government, one global economy, one international currency, one universal language, building of Aristean planned cities in all parts of the world, no private land ownership, and moral regeneration.


Aristean Calendar

This perpetual calendar is God's calendar for the new millennium. It was proclaimed as the official standard primary calendar of the world beginning 2001 January 1 replacing the Gregorian calendar. Amazing signs that this calendar is truly from God are intriguing.


Aristean Decimal Time

This new time system expresses time in decimal format simplifying calculations. Elapsed time or duration issue, and time of day or clock time issue, are presented. Together with this time system is the new time zones of the world.


Aristean Cycle

The Aristean Cycle is a cycle of 12 Divisions totaling 235 lunar years that shows in which month in the Jewish civil lunisolar calendar when the first month of the 12-lunar-month Jewish religious year falls. Exodus date was determined using this cycle.


Audio files of sessions with the Holy Spirit

These are audio files in mp3 taken from tape recordings of our sessions with the Holy Spirit.


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